Finally made it out to Redlight Records in Amsterdam. I'd always heard great things but didn't realise how good it was until I got there, no filler at all, pure gold. You know you're somewhere special when the only other person in the shop looking for records is Harvey.

Thanks to Jamie and James!!!


Anonymous said...

What are the names of the albums?

JIRO said...

Mandy Smith - I Just Can't Wait 12"
Mon Dino - La Danse des Mots 7"
Jeremy Spencer Band - Flee
Ryan & Kleinfeld - Sun and Moon
Isabelle Mayereau - Des Mots Estranges
Alan Sorrenti - Figli della Strelle
Lio - Lio
Gigi Masin - Wind Collector
Dan Siegel - Another Time Another Place
Databook - Zighidizazazero 12"

Anonymous said...

That Alan Sorrenti - Figli della Strelle has that beautiful tune. Love it.